Education events approved by PAHCOM qualify to offer Approved

CEUs to participants and gain valuable industry exposure.  Apply today!


CEU Approval

Course or Event Content Requirements

  • Relevant to CMM and/or HITCM-PP
  • Related to a minimum of one of the Nine Domains of Medical Practice Administration (CMM)
  • Related to a minimum of one of the Four Domains of Health Information Technology (HITCM-PP)
  • Content related to Domain 7: Technology & Data Management also qualifies for HITCM-PP


  • $150 per 1-3 Hours of Event
  • Waived for PAHCOM Member Leadership, Corporate Members and Medical Associations offering free webinars to PAHCOM Members
  • Volume Rates available via


  • CEUs granted for 12 month period
  • Approved course may be delivered multiple times during the period
  • Number of CEUs granted based on course duration in 0.5 increments
  • 1 Hour = 1 CEU (If the course is 8 hours but has a 1 hour lunch break and two 15 minute coffee breaks then total CEUs granted is 6.5.)
  • Submit application at least 10 days prior to event

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